Judy Dedek (aka Judy Moon)


Watercolors, Ink, and in-between


Like everyone else, my life has had its ups and downs. As a child I survived polio and have spent most of my life in a wheel chair. Art has always been my way of coping with the unpredictability of life. I won scholarships at university level to earn my teaching degrees in math and art. Opposite sides of the brain create balanced and organized designs where each shape is as important as the whole picture. I've been asked how it's possible that I can include so much detail. Sitting in a wheelchair gives a person a lot of time to "smell the roses." After teaching public middle school from my wheel chair for 20 years, I'm now retired and spend my time creating stories with my paintings. I love the nature and wildlife of Oregon which is usually my artwork theme. I'm active in the local art guild, exhibit and sell my work in galleries and art festivals.

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